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Small Group Fitness

Training Sessions

Our sessions incorporate functional training to help provide you with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that you need to thrive as you move through your life and sports. Each training session is designed with all participants in mind, and modifications are always given to support different fitness levels. No workout is ever the same!


What's in a Name

The koru (Māori for "loop") is a spiral shape based on the shape of the New Zealand unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, and strength. These are elements or our core mission. We strive to help our clients find positive change while working toward a more healthy lifestyle.


We are conveniently located at 2773 Rosewood Drive, near Rosewood Market.



  • I have finally found a fitness program that I actually hate to miss! In the time I've been working out with Lisa, I'm more toned, stronger, and feel so much better.  She's great at both motivating and challenging me.
    Melanie H., Richland Library
  • When I came to Lisa at Koru Fitness about a year I ago I was in very poor shape following two difficult surgeries and progressive neuropathy in both feet. I had been away from any exercise program for a long time. The worst of it was that not only had I lost physical strength and agility, but I had lost confidence in myself. Lisa agreed to meet with me individually because I was too uncomfortable to enter a class. (more…)
    Josanne W.
  • I love Koru Fitness! Lisa Austin brings years of fitness professionalism to her clients in an hour of personal training within a group exercise class! How can she accomplish this? (more…)
    Ann E., author
  • I love Koru because it offers a whole-body workout in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Anyone can benefit, since Lisa offers a full range of difficulty with each exercise. As someone with a history of hip problems, (more…)
    Kate H., massage therapist, artist
  • Koru Fitness plus Lisa Austin equals 100% A+ Excellent! Lisa has developed a hands on, small group exercise program that encompasses every part of one’s body and mind. In one hour she covers strength, core, and aerobic exercises for her clients. She encourages, motivates and pushes us to do better. Her knowledge of her client’s limitations is right on making sure there are modifications for any who need it. Her classes are upbeat and fun. Although this is a small group setting, many times you feel as if she is just training you as her eyes are constantly watching every move. She demonstrates each exercise focusing on correct form and what part of the body is involved. She moves about during the circuits making sure each person is on task, motivating, complimenting, and correcting as needed. There are many places to exercise in Columbia but none as good as Koru Fitness. I love being a part of Lisa’s program!
    Renee C., Retired Teacher and Real Estate Agent
  • I would very much like to thank Lisa for welcoming me into her Koru Fitness program. Working with my physical challenges and restrictions and getting me on a fitness routine has proven to work very well. When I first joined the Koru team approximately 6 months ago I was skeptical of whether or not we could accomplish my goals to lose weight, gain strength and range of motion in my challenged and deteriorating joints and overweight body. Her system worked and continues to work for me. I have dropped approximately 25 pounds and have much more range of motion in my joints. I am noticeably stronger throughout my entire body. I sleep much better at longer without waking up at night. Lisa and Koru Group Fitness has given me my life back!
    Ron F., Contractor
  • I heard about Koru fitness from a colleague a little over a year ago at our annual Christmas party. I had been looking for a fitness studio to incorporate weight training into my exercise routine, after finishing 6 months of PT for an injury I incurred in a fall. I am picky about my workout environment and had always struggled with a lack of regularity in my routine. Lisa’s small classes and supportive environment quickly allowed me to commit to a routine that I could manage. I have been with Koru for over a year now and have never looked back. Thanks Lisa; you are the best!
    Amanda C.
  • Before I joined Lisa’s program, I avoided group workout sessions. Traditional aerobics were not for me but I didn’t want to strictly lift weights either. I’m 54 so I didn’t feel comfortable going to Crossfit or some of the other, more grueling methods. Lisa’s workouts are always varied so you never get bored. Each routine covers numerous muscle groups as well as elevating your heart rate. She can give you modifications, whether you have a knee replacement or a sore ankle. I look forward to exercising now. With her program, I am stronger, I feel better, and my blood pressure has normalized.
    Marya B.